North of South – New Latitudes

With their first work, “New Latitudes”, hot off the press, specialized media agree about the originality, freshness and innovation held in their Prog-flavoured Metal spiced up with Jazz, Melodic Death, Pop and Latin Music elements.

Rising from the waters of the Spanish underground scene, NORTH OF SOUTH (multi-instrumentalist Chechu Nos’ solo project) keeps spreading its groundbreaking proposal, achieving at this point an excellent reception from the metal audience and national and, especially, international critics.
The wide diversity of influences and similarities found by the press on NORTH OF SOUTH’s music indicates the heterogeneity of this personal work, with references to assorted artists of the caliber of Cynic, Carlos Santana, Annihilator, Opeth, Placebo, The Mars Volta, Evergrey, In Flames, Caligula’s Horse, Wim Mertens or The Police, among others.
Silently founded in 2017, NORTH OF SOUTH broke the shell in the summer of 2018 to present itself to the world metal community with their first single, “The Human Equation“, with a lyric video that has overcome 30.000 views on Youtube made by British artist Andy Pilkington (Dee Snider, Gus G., Orden Ogan, Flotsam & Jetsam, Otep, Warkings, Brainstorm, etc). 
Their second single, “Nobody Knows“, which is next to reach 50.000 views on Youtube, gained the attention of Spotify’s curators, who in October included the track in the “New Blood” Official Playlist, dedicated to new talents in Metal according to experts and scouts of this important international digital platform.

NORTH OF SOUTH’s music is the result of the eclectic Chechu Nos’ personal tastes, his long professional career on music journalism and his eagerness to experiment, blending and amalgamating elements so , apparently, disimilar such as In Flames’ Melodeath, Sting’s Pop, Novembre’s Gothic Doom, Santana’s Latin Rock, first Mike Oldfield’s progressiveness, Keane’s Piano Rock or the Flamenco vibe from his native Spain.
“Innovating, exploring other creative alternatives and mixing different genres is the true nature of NORTH OF SOUTH”, says Chechu Nos, whose lyrics reveal a strong literary and philosophic substance influenced by authors such as Jorge Luis Borges, Friedrich Nietzsche or William Shakespeare.
“New Latitudes” has been recorded at Zoilo Unreal Studios (Marín, Pontevedra, Spain) and coproduced by Chechu Nos and Zoilo Unreal, a consolidated name on the Spanish extreme metal scene, involved in bands like Unreal Overflows, The Anthagonist, Iron Hunter and Unhuman Nature.
Currently, NORTH OF SOUTH and Chechu Nos combines the composition of new songs with the promotion of “New Latitudes”, being actually available for every media interested in delving in this singular project via interviews, articles or reviews.


1.- The Human Equation
2.- Nobody Knows
3.- Balanced Paradox
4.- Before We Die
5.- Crystal Waters
6.- There’s No Glamour In Death
7.- Time Will Tell
8.- Faith Is Not Hope
9.- Montreux

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