Bassist John Ferrara van Prog Ensemble Consider The Source kondigt uitgave aan




John Ferrara, bassist bij de globetrottende psych-fusion-muzikanten ‘Consider The Source’, brengt zijn krachtige solo-composities tot leven met behulp van de virtuoze percussionist Seth Moutal in hun debuutalbum “Frail Things in Sharp Places” dat op 13 juni 2018 werd uitgebracht.

“We wanted our debut to be an honest representation of ourselves,” vertelde John. “While there’s a lot of shredding, Indian rhythms, looping and tapping, each song has immense emotional significance. We took our time to make sure nothing was gratuitous. This album is who we are. I play a 5-string bass and loop chords and melodies while playing basslines on my homemade Taurus pedals. Seth plays drum set, tablas, and a variety of hand percussion instruments. We play everything you hear on the album, and we try not to record it if we can’t do it live.”

Moutal’s overvloed aan percussieve timbres vermengt zich met Ferrara’s kenmerkende loops en grommende custom-made synths om een ​​meeslepend werk van geluid te creëren.

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